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As the reality of climate change settles in, many areas of life are impacted: from dramatic storms and fires to more subtle impacts, like the quality and taste of wine. While most of us have been spared the most extreme changes, people around the globe have seen soaring energy costs as they try to keep their homes comfortable, especially during summer and winter. At Climate Seal™, cost-effective solutions for home comfort have always been a priority. We’d like to share our tips for keeping your home comfortable in a changing climate. 

Use Ceiling Fans to Benefit the Comforts of Home

While we tend to think of fans as a summertime appliance, they can be used year round to control the temperature in your home. In the summer, fans cool you by increasing air flow which blows over your skin to evaporate sweat. They become maximally effective when run counterclockwise. Fans can be used in the winter as well to circulate warm air. The principle is similar to how convection ovens work to cook food faster. In the wintertime, set your fans to run clockwise. This setting will direct warm air up toward the ceiling and then down the walls, evenly dispersing it through your space. 

Take Advantage of Textiles 

There are many ways we can use textiles to improve the comfort of our home. While many people tend to think of curtains and rugs as aesthetic enhancements, they actually have valuable thermal benefits as well. Curtains, drapes, and blinds provide year round cost-effective thermal solutions. Glass has low thermal conductivity, so when the sun shines through them the heat is magnified, but it can’t escape back outside. In warmer months, closing window coverings during the day prevents the sun from heating rooms. In colder months, window coverings provide dual benefits. Opening them when the sun is shining brightly into a space will add warmth, and closing them provides additional insulation to keep things warmer. Additionally, rugs act as blankets for your floors to warm them up, while keeping you warm as well. 

Make Sure Your Home is Properly Insulated 

Properly insulating your home is essential for keeping your home comfortable throughout the year. In addition to standard wall and ceiling insulation, make sure any cracks or holes are sealed. Add weatherstripping to doors to ensure that you aren’t letting cold air into your home in the winter and to ensure proper cooling in the summer. Properly insulating your windows is also essential for reducing your energy costs throughout the year. 

Reduce Energy Costs with Climate Seal™ 

Climate Seal™ Thermal Series Window Inserts are unquestionably the most effective interior insulating window system on the market. Lightweight and custom-built to your windows, Climate Seal™ thermal inserts provide year-round climate control solutions that are cost-effective and reduce environmental strain from energy use. Providing better insulation than glass, our acrylic glazing is also more impact-resistant and safer. With acoustic, UV-blocking and preservation-friendly options, Climate Seal™ provides solutions for any structure and comforts of home. As our climate changes, stay comfortable with cost-effective thermal window inserts from Climate Seal™. Discover the right solution for your home by visiting our website

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