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Screened in Porch

Thermal Series

Metal frames installed after rust inhibitor

Metal frames were installed after applying a rust inhibitor to help protect against moisture coming in contact with the steel L-angle.
Climate Seal insert magnetizing to the newly installed frame

Corner picture of the Climate Seal insert magnetizing to the newly installed metal frame.
Custom manufactured fit

Due to the existing 2′×4′ construction being slightly warped and out-of-square, Climate Seal panels needed to be custom manufactured to fit each opening just right.
Climate Seal Window Insert

Prior to the installation of Climate Seal inserts, the porch area was an unfinished space. After installation, carpet was installed to complete the room overhaul.
Window inserts provide more daylight

It's hard to believe that a “doggie door” used to be located here. Now, a pair of Climate Seal inserts exists and the home's pets use a passageway through the newly installed insulated storm door.
Multiple panel configuration

Multiple panel configuration.
Narrow Frame allows full daylight

With Climate Seal's narrow ¾″ frame, daylight still flows freely into the space. The finished look is clean and barely noticeable.
No window insert is too big or too small

Wide angle view of the entire porch enclosure. Notice the small transom unit above the door. No unit is too big or too small!
Screened In Porch

This screen porch used 2′×4′ frames for construction, which provided plenty of room to work with for a recessed mount and a flush installation. ¼″ optical grade acrylic was used to boost the insulating properties and allow the client to utilize the space year-round. The end result was consistent temperatures both out on the porch and inside the home.

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