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Climate Seal™ Thermal Series Window Inserts

Climate Seal™ is unquestionably the most effective interior insulating window system on the market.

Our acrylic glazing is clear and guaranteed against yellowing & clouding for 10 years. It is light in weight, yet, 17 times more impact resistant than glass of equal thickness, Climate Seal™ inserts are also safer and better insulators than glass.

Our magnetic vinyl extrusion is strong, yet light in weight and a much better insulator than aluminum. It will help prevent condensation and will not deteriorate from the sun’s UV rays, as will moldings made from ABS plastic.

The most unique feature of Climate Seal™ window inserts is the “bellows” built into our molding – this allows the acrylic to expand in a flat plane without “bowing” – therefore, the window will not “pop-off” due to sheet edge rotation.

Climate Seal™ is not a storm or prime replacement window. It is a Magnetic Interior Insulating Window that installs within or over the existing window cavity, yet it’s performance rivals or exceeds prime replacement windows – for much less cost!

Climate Seal™ covers the existing window, creating a thermal barrier. The Climate Seal™ insert keeps heat in during winter and out during summer. It is made of vinyl and acrylic – superior insulating materials. Vinyl and acrylic will not conduct or lose heat nearly as fast as materials like aluminum and glass.

Climate Seal’s™ magnetic seal is virtually airtight. By installing the Climate Seal™ over an existing window, an insulating dead-air space is created. This separates the warm inside air from cold prime window glass. And with our exclusive bellows design that expands or contracts as temperatures change, the seal is maintained and annoying drafts are eliminated. The flexible bellows also adjust for installation of contoured moldings.

Two Installation Location Options

  • Surface Mount – Over The Existing Window Cavity or
  • In-Jamb Mount – Within The Existing Window Cavity
Thermal Window Inserts Energy Star Buildings Ally and Rebuild America


  • Strong,yet Lightweight
  • Unique “Bellows” Creates Tight Fit
  • Keeps In Heat During Winter and Out During Summer

Problem windows can be found in about 80% of American homes and businesses. The solution is Climate Seal™ – which protects against:

  • Cold/Heat Infiltration
  • Noise
  • Condensation
  • High Utility Bills
  • Dust and Pollen
R Value Increase Using Climate Seal Inserts
Window Type Wood Vinyl Aluminum Clad Wood Aluminum
  R-Value of Standard Window R-Value w/ Climate Seal Percent Increase in R-Value R-Value of Standard Window R-Value w/ Climate Seal Percent Increase in R-Value R-Value of Standard Window R-Value w/ Climate Seal Percent Increase in R-Value R-Value of Standard Window R-Value w/ Climate Seal Percent Increase in R-Value
Single Window Pane Single Pane 1.12 2.38 112% 1.09 2.33 114% 1.11 2.27 105% 0.91 1.92 112%
Double Window Pane Double Pane 2.22 3.45 55% 2.08 3.23 55% 2.17 3.33 53% 1.64 2.56 56%
Low-E Double Pane Window Double Pane w/Low-E Glass 2.86 4.17 46% 2.63 4.00 52% 2.78 4.00 44% 1.79 2.94 65%
Low-E Double Pane Window Double Pane w/Low-E Glass and Argon Fill 3.13 4.55 45% 2.86 4.35 52% 3.03 4.35 43% 1.89 3.13 66%
Results above are based on tests completed at an NVLAP approved lab. Individual results may vary.

Test Data/Measuring Instructions

  1. Thermal Performance Data
  2. Climate Seal Inserts – R Value Increase
  3. SHGC Increase
  4. Download Measuring Instructions
  5. Drawings
  6. Safety Data Sheet – V2800
  7. Safety Data Sheet – V710

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