window decorations for Christmas

DIY window decorations for Christmas and holidays

Window decorations for Christmas that will make your view of the outside world even more magical

This year, let your windows be your canvas. Whether you have bay windows, single-hung windows, picture windows, or bow windows, use the holiday season to explore your creativity in detail. Remember that during the holiday season, nothing is over the top. Think cozy and whimsical. 

We all need to add a bit of magic to our day and the holiday season is a perfect time to practice. Think warm, maybe mix in a bit of shiny fairy dust to your routine to bring extra joy, and think about adding more light. This year might be the perfect year to add a whole new dimension to your home, to welcome the new year and the world of new opportunities that go with it. 

Magic shining from your window frames

Christmas decorating is great because there are no strict rules, there is no such thing as “too many decorations” or “cheesy decorations” and lastly, you can explore your creativity in detail.

People passing by will get a glimpse of the Christmas spirit and your creativity while glancing at your amazingly decorated windows. Make your home sparkle on the inside and out.

We gathered some original holiday window decorations that your entire family will enjoy in this creative process. Let this be your new holiday tradition. 

Lighted window decorations for Christmas

Let there be light. A fragment of the starry sky in your window frame. Shiny stars are everyone’s all-time favorites. Canopy lights with stars are always a great choice, but what if we tell you that you can make your own string lights? By using transparent fabric and gold sequins, you can make your own little stars twinkle.

Candle wreaths are the trend that we gladly embraced. It comes from distant Sweden, home of the northern lights. They can enjoy Aurora Borealis, the most beautiful spectacle in the sky – so we can at least steal a little spark to light up the entire mood and invite happiness in. 

Shadows can be also interesting to play with. Using cardboard, you can make a shape of sleepy Santa’s village under snow with houses, reindeer, and sleds. Make a little DIY Christmas diorama and place warm string lights in the middle. It will be wonderful when placed at the bottom of your window, telling its winter fairy tale through the play of lights and shadows.

Snowflakes everywhere

Snowflakes are also the evergreen element of the holiday decoration. Every snowflake is unique so it represents a never-ending inspiration.

If you are living in a more tropical climate, adding snowflakes to your window can help you travel back to distant lands and more snowy kingdoms. 

Options for decorating are endless. You can paint directly on your windows and add things like pine trees, reindeer, or other animals frolicking through the woods. Create your window-sized enchanted forest with all its residents that are patiently waiting for their favorite time of the year.

You can also make beautiful snowflake wreaths. These are perfect decorations and give off a soft Christmas decor look. Making these wreaths will have you wishing that snow is quietly falling outside like snowflakes dancing in the wind.

Acrylic snowflakes will have that icy feeling and fragile look, wishing that they’ve landed on the palm of your hand.

How do you decorate a window sill for Christmas?

Make use of your window sill and let it shine bright this holiday season. If you have a hanging flower window box on your window sill, why not plant some candy canes? Of course, we are not talking about real candy canes.

Kids in the neighborhood will be amazed that you know the secret of growing candy. Add bells, pine tree branches, and red ribbons – a beauty indeed lies in simplicity. All the materials need to be durable in cold winter weather so think creative but also think practical.

Stay warm and cozy

When you have an improved view of the outside world, grab some warm cocoa, and enjoy the amazing winter scenery from the front row. There is no better feeling than this and you can truly cherish all the beauty of life. 

We can help you feel even cozier this holiday season and even after, with our window inserts. Rest assured, the warm atmosphere will follow even after.

The best thing is that this protection is completely invisible so it won’t be an obstacle to your creativity. It will be like Santa’s little helper that works all year long.

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