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Welcome and thank you for researching our company and our custom-made Climate Seal™ storm window products. For nearly 30 years the Climate Seal™ storm window system has built a reputation for being the most effective and versatile storm window system on the market. Performance, ease of use, handling, and aesthetic invisibility have been the product’s foundation since its creation.

With this solid reputation, the Climate Seal™ storm window system has been installed in some of America’s most historic landmarks, museums, and National Park Service projects. We are pleased to announce that the Climate Seal™ system is now available to the residential and commercial public.

Whether you are a homeowner, a contractor, an architect, or an interior designer, we’ve designed this site with one goal in mind: simplicity. In addition to a wide variety of product benefits, photographs, and testimonials, we’ve also incorporated an installation guide for you Do-It-Yourselfers and first-time contractors, as well as thermal, acoustic, and ultra-violet filtering performance data. And, we’re confident after you’ve fully reviewed this site that you will have a greater understanding and appreciation for the quality, care, and performance that has defined the Climate Seal™ for nearly three decades.

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The Worlds Best Thermal, Acoustic, and Preservation Window Inserts

For nearly 30 years, the Climate Seal™ storm window system has built a reputation for being the most effective and versatile window system on the market.

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Our Product Range

The Climate Seal™ window system has been divided into four different product “series” – Thermal, Acoustic, Preservation and Pro. Although each series share many of the same characteristics with each other, we’ve developed these different product lines with the philosophy of providing the customer with their specific need and pricing it accordingly. Here is a brief overview of the various Climate Seal series offerings. They are:

Climate Seal™ Thermal Series

Created to address the heating/cooling markets with the main focus being on temperature control and rapid payback through fuel savings. Standard 1/8″ thick acrylic is used with a variety of custom options available.

Climate Seal™ Acoustic Series

Designed to drastically reduce sound infiltration through the window cavity and maintain a low interior decibel level regardless of the exterior sound source throughout the building. 1/4″ acrylic is used as well as acoustically rated weather stripping.

Climate Seal™ Preservation Series

Tailored to minimize the aesthetic imprint and provide museum quality ultra-violet filtering from the sun’s damaging rays for historical properties and sensitive decor.

Climate Seal™ Pro Series

Designed to provide the “Cadillac” experience with all of the benefits of the Thermal Series system and the use of premium abrasion-resistant acrylic and unparalleled performance.

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