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Climate Seal™ Pro Series Window Insert


Climate Seal™ is unquestionably the most effective interior insulating window system on the market.

Why choose Climate Seal Pro Series Window Inserts? The ‘’Pro’’ Series in our name says it all … providing you with only the best product you can find on the market. Chose our Pro Series window insert and let them do their magic. Even the most luxurious homes are not immune to cold when winter wind chill kicks in. That is when ‘’Pro Series’’ comes to action!
Created for the most discerning clients who want only superior quality storm window product and they are willing to pay extra money to secure their home in the best energy efficient way possible. But trust us, it is worth of every penny spent. Ir represents an ideal choice for residential, historical and commercial applications.
Pro Series Climate Seal model is a must have for energy efficient and modern homes.

What makes a major difference and separates the Pro Series model from all of the other quality Climate Seal window insert options is in the crystal clear glazing we use during construction.
How this works you may ask? In this process, we use abrasion-resistant quality acrylic (available in 1-sided or 2-sided, 1/8" or 1/4" thick) to give you the superior thermal, acoustic, UV light filtration and optical clarity of acrylic, but with the hard coat properties of glass to make it extremely durable and long-lasting. Also you will get an amazing aesthetic impact, giving you crystal clear view. This amazing tandem does come with an increased cost, but so do most building products made of the finest quality. You will know that your home is safe, energy efficient and ready for every weather scenario possible.

Ask your authorized representative to go “Pro” with your Climate Seal window insert system and have the confidence and peace of mind to know you've just made a smart investment that will look great for generations to come.

Two Installation Location Options

Surface Mount – Over the existing window cavity or
In-Jamb Mount – Within the existing window cavity

Main features


Strong, yet Lightweight

Custom fit

Unique “Bellows” Creates Tight Fit


Keeps In Heat During Winter and Out During Summer


Problem windows can be found in about 80% of American homes and businesses. The solution is Climate Seal™ – which protects against:

  • Cold/Heat Infiltration
  • Noise
  • Condensation
  • High Utility Bills
  • Dust and Pollen

Test Data/Measuring Instructions

R Value Increase Using Climate Seal Inserts
Window Type Wood Vinyl Aluminum Clad Wood Aluminum
adadas R-Value of Standard Window R-Value w/ Climate Seal Percent Increase in R-Value R-Value of Standard Window R-Value w/ Climate Seal Percent Increase in R-Value R-Value of Standard Window R-Value w/ Climate Seal Percent Increase in R-Value R-Value of Standard Window R-Value w/ Climate Seal Percent Increase in R-Value
Single Window Pane Single Pane 1.12 2.38 112% 1.09 2.33 114% 1.11 2.27 105% 0.91 1.92 112%
Double Window Pane Double Pane 2.22 3.45 55% 2.08 3.23 55% 2.17 3.33 53% 1.64 2.56 56%
Low-E Double Pane Window Double Pane w/Low-E Glass 2.86 4.17 46% 2.63 4.00 52% 2.78 4.00 44% 1.79 2.94 65%
Low-E Double Pane Window Double Pane w/Low-E Glass and Argon Fill 3.13 4.55 45% 2.86 4.35 52% 3.03 4.35 43% 1.89 3.13 66%
Results above are based on tests completed at an NVLAP approved lab. Individual results may vary.
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