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Climate Seal Acoustic Series

Brenda J.

Summerville, SC

I am in LOVE with the windows and can't wait to go to sleep in my quiet bedroom!! PLUS I got to keep a few things on the ledge in between!!!

Thanks for your product and help!!

Climate Seal Acoustic Series

Shannon & Rob T.

Austin, Texas

The client lives on a high floor of a condominium in downtown Austin, TX, and was irritated by excessive noise levels coming from the street traffic below and nearby highway. In order to match the interior aluminum framework a custom paint color was chosen and our perimeter steel subframe was mounted using a high performance double-sided tape without fasteners.

While not always necessary, a Certified Climate Seal installer based in Austin, TX was used for measuring and installing.

Noise Reduction in the Windy City

Nat R.

Chicago, IL

Given that we live in an old building and our window size (5x10) is unique we worried about cost and effectiveness. Wth Environmental Window Solutions and their Climate Seal window inserts we couldn't be happier, literally.

From our initial conversations to installation and beyond everything has been a pleasant experience. They were measured carefully, manufactured to spec, and all 12 custom windows were installed in a few hours by their installation team.

While this definitely exceeded our expectations, the results have been even better. Noise reduction is significant, the windows are close to 'invisible' given that they mesh so well, and our energy usage has been significantly reduced. In short, an easy and great investment. 10 out of 10!

Acoustical Projects

John S.

La Crosse, WI

I finished mounting the 6 new windows for the south side of our porch yesterday. As you know, we completed the western side windows with your product a year ago. They all fit with a good seal to the metal brackets. They do provide a much better seal than my foam-fitting Mylar windows. They also reduce outside noise levels.

Bomba Taco Bar - Newtown, PA

October 2022

Client wished to extend the use of their outdoor patio space from the late Spring and Summer through the Fall and early Winter. Climate Seal 'Thermal Series' inserts with increased acrylic thickness were chosen to eliminate drafts and retain the heat generated by overhead heating lamps. The insulated window inserts will be stored in the off-season and reapplied in the Fall.

Custom Painted Thermal and Acoustical Series

J. Iglar

Los Angeles, CA

Acoustic window inserts worked out very well. The look is clean and the sound attenuation was immediately notable. Really happy with how it turned out!

Richard T.

Detroit, MI
February 2022

I received my windows last week and therefore I installed them over the weekend. They are fantastic! I watched the installation video again and followed it to the T and the windows went in perfectly and look great! Super product! I wish I purchased these years ago instead of one of your competitors, which have all literally fallen apart due to the heat. The magnetic system is the way to go. Now my only problem is that I have to replace the other 18 windows that I have. I will be in touch.

Glenn T.

Perrysburg, OH

The Climate Seal windows have been installed and I truly could not be happier. Odd to think that the best part about this investment is that you really don’t even notice it for the most part. Of course the lack of cold air coming in is quite noticeable. And, within days of completing the install, our furnace gave out and with the cold weather, the entire house only dropped two degrees over a 24-hour period. The insulation performance was impressive! I attached a few photos for you.

Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

James Fantus

Brentwood, TN

We live on a very busy street. It has constant traffic throughout the day and early evening. The outside wall of our bedroom is about 50ft from the street. We had rockwool insulation installed and doubled the drywall.
It did help but the bulk of the noise was coming through the windows. I did a lot of research and I felt that Climate Seal gave us the best possibility. When I called them, their agent, Matt, answered the phone immediately. In this day of automation. I was so pleased to have a human to talk to. From that point on he handled everything right through the manufacture and shipping. I can't say enough about the excellent customer service. In the beginning, he told me the new acoustic window inserts would reduce the noise between 70 to 80 percent. 80 percent is more like it. I installed the inserts myself in less than 1 hour. Great organization to do business with!

Screened Porch Turned Sunroom

Mickey Lavender


The project features the Thermal Series of Window Inserts upgraded to 1/4" thick acrylic for an added insulation boost. Because the space was originally a screened porch, the inserts actually take the place of a primary glass window. The space is comfortable year-round and features breathtaking views of a scenic golf course. As the video shows, Mickey added motorized shades on the west side of the room for added comfort as the afternoon sun intensifies.

Robert M.

Baltimore, MD

Your field tech did an excellent job installing the ClimateSeal window inserts which have really helped reduce street traffic noise. You were professional and completed the installation remarkably quickly. I would highly recommend your products and services to anyone else.

Robert M.

Anne B.

Knoxville, TN

With the Acoustic Series window inserts, this condo resident in a high-rise building in Knoxville took advantage of the custom paint capabilities to match the inserts to the existing millwork. Sherwin Williams' SW-7668 'March Wind' was a perfect match to the anodized aluminum window frames! The resident is very happy with their investment and reports excellent sound reduction in their bedroom and good reduction in the living room.

Brian S.

Orlando, FL

Multi-panel Capabilities

Turned out nice! We've been happy with them. Thanks for all of your help.

Thomas M.

Bristol, TN

Many decisions go into restoring a historic home. One of my best decisions was to contract with Matthew Petit and Environmental Window Solutions to design and build the Climate Seal interior storm windows for my home. From the first contact to the last Matthew and his team made sure I was getting exactly what was needed to make my home comfortable by preventing drafts from the old windows. The interior storm windows all fit perfectly. I recommend this company to anyone looking to make their home more comfortable using interior storm windows. Tom M.

Heidi G.

Buffalo, NY

Project Completed: 03/2021

Love your product. Extremely sturdy and almost invisible. Can't wait to finish my project and put the casing trim up once we paint it. In the photo my window jam was painted cream so you can see how nice the white looks.

John L.

Baltimore, Maryland

Project Completed: 02/2021

I have been in my home since 2001 and every winter we get a Nor'easter that comes through with 30-50 MPH cold winds and my heating system (in-wall convection radiators) has never been able to keep the home up to the set temperature RUNNING FULL TIME. When our first one blew through a couple of weeks ago I didn't feel drafts and the heat never had a problem maintaining (or raising) the temperature. My storm windows from Climate Seal didn't budge. I imagine that it has to do with the design that gives it some floating space within the frame.

I have seen my monthly gas heat usage for Jan drop about 12% with the average temperature being 32 F both this year and last (as it shows on the gas bill) despite having work and school from home which would normally have the bill increase. I would estimate that I would be saving somewhere close to 20% on my energy bill compared to my old storm windows and seasonal "shrink plastic window films". I have been able to keep my beautiful, original "period correct" and secure steel windows thus maintaining my home's resale value. The work quality was approved by the Maryland Historic Preservation for an additional 20% tax credit. I only wish I had known about this years ago! A great investment, keeps the house warm in the winter and cool in the summer, are virtually invisible, can be taken out in an instant on nice days and the customer service has far exceeded what you ever see these days. A family-owned business really shows how they take pride in their work. They worked with me extensively on discussing options to ensure I had exactly what this old house needed. My hat is off to Matt and the Climate Seal team.

The windows look great and now we can look out at the beautiful snowfall without being reminded of the cold outside!

John L.

Brendan K.

Birmingham, AL

Project Completed: 12/2020

"We have the good fortune, or miserable fate depending on how you look at it, to live in a historic home. One of the reasons we were so drawn to our house is the fact that it has multiple porches throughout the property to include a screened in porch off of the back of the great room. This space while conceptually ideal, never lived up to its potential. The screens allowed us to enjoy the porch during the spring and fall with the provision that it wasn’t windy or raining. Additionally, our pollen season in the spring is extensive and we had to constantly clean every surface and item on the porch. After 10 years of this vicious cycle, we realized we wanted to “optimize” our space and in order to do so, we were going to have to enclose the space to better protect it from all of Mother Nature’s elements.

As with all purchases in our home this one began with months of research regarding storm window solutions, materials, mounting methods and most importantly the companies behind the products. We surveyed the market and ended up receiving bids from the four companies that we engaged after down-selecting them from the dozen or so vendors we had found. Long story short, Matt and the team at Climate Seal outclassed and outbid the rest of their peer competitors at every step.

Due to it being a historic home, none of the openings on our porch were “true” with each requiring accurate measurements. Additionally, the openings are not standard window casings and required an adaptation of the normal mounting process. In every instance, Matt was the consummate professional helping us work through the project and design the right final solution. Even after we had taken all of our measurements, Matt diligently reviewed the spreadsheet and found variations that needed to be accounted for. Our project consists of 22 separate and distinctly unique panels. Every one fits perfectly.

One of the reasons we were drawn to the Climate Seal solution was its magnetic mounting system. The windows literally just snap in and can be easily removed for cleaning. This approach also allows us to create screens of the same dimensions as the windows and switch them out as the seasons allow… Brilliant! We chose to upgrade our panels to the thicker quarter inch material and have been amazed by the acoustical and thermal insulation they provide. The minute we snapped the final panel in the porch became a room.

I should mention that we added two HVAC vents to the space as we were completing the project. These vents in conjunction with conditioned air that flows through a sliding set of french doors keeps the porch very comfortable, so much so that we have spent the majority of our holiday season to include Thanksgiving and Christmas out in our new space. It really has become another fully functional room and completely changes the feel of our house. We put our Christmas tree out there this year and cannot imagine it going anywhere else in the coming years.

If you can’t tell by now, we are beyond thrilled with the final outcome. This didn’t just happen. It took partnership and acute attention to detail. Thanks to Matt and the Climate Seal team, we were the beneficiaries of both and have a spectacular final result to show for it. We have a mirror image of the downstairs porch above it that extends off of the master bedroom. If you are reading this review, there should be no doubt about who will be providing the storm windows for that project when we go to do it here in the near future.

Brendan K."

Helga D.

Chicagoland, IL

Project Completed: 11/2020

I just wanted you to know that we finally installed the insert in the office window, and WOW! We measured the sound, and it immediately brought down the sound by over 20 decibels! We are absolutely thrilled!

I cannot thank you enough! You truly made it quite easy! The ordering, measuring, receiving, and installation was as easy and seamless as could be, and you were truly wonderful to work with!

If we decide that we need any other acoustic inserts, we already know they are coming from you!

Gary & Doris J.

Central Michigan

Project Completed: 7/27/2020

"We wanted to let you know the panels went in smoothly and provided excellent sound proofing!

Thanks for your valuable assistance during the process!

Will certainly give your company and Climate Seal product rave reviews and recommendations to our family and friends".

Take care and stay healthy,
Gary and Doris J.

Portico West, Inc.

Richmond, VA

Project completed by: Environmental Window Solutions, LLC.
Date of Completion: 7/10/2020

Our design project in Virginia had eight large windows facing a traffic circle and we needed to reduce the traffic noise intrusion. The existing windows were 1970s metal framed dual paned and were ineffective for sound blocking or thermal insulation.

Initially we purchased another company’s window inserts for three of the eight windows, all in one room, to evaluate the general effectiveness of acrylic inserts before purchasing them for the remaining windows. Those panels were ¼” acrylic with a silicon tube perimeter. They significantly reduced sound and heat/ cold transmission.

The silicone tube perimeter on those three panels was 1 ½” wide. Inserting the panel required pushing/squeezing it into place until it appeared parallel and sat equidistant in the window well. The tube perimeter did not add rigidity to the large panel which would have made inserting, positioning and removing it easier.

We began looking for window inserts that had a narrower and firmer frame as well as a backstop that made the final positioning accurate each time. Climate Seal offered a thin profile metal frame around a ¼” acrylic panel using a bracket and magnet connection.

The frame provides rigidity to the acrylic panel and at less than 1” wide makes it virtually unnoticeable in front of the existing window. The hidden fixed bracket provides the necessary back stop so the panel is positioned perfectly when inserting it. The panels provide excellent sound blocking and thermal insulation.

As designer/developers, we felt that the aesthetics and ease of use of the Climate Seal product is superior. They were responsive from order to installation with excellent results.

Naura and David

Caldwell, NJ

“We love the windows inserts! The quality of your product is outstanding. When we bought the house, we did not think we needed acoustic insulation and how much it would improve our quality of life. It makes a huge difference! Our house is so much more comfortable now. We do not hear the planes as loud downstairs during the day. But more importantly, I can sleep without being awaken by traffic sounds or by the neighbors cranking up their cars. I used to wake up at 5:30 AM when traffic starts getting heavy on the nearby highway. This is no longer an issue now - I barely hear anything. It is a huge improvement! With one of us being an engineer, we are especially particular about products specs, quality and performance. After researching several options, we can honestly say that we are so glad we found your company. We also appreciated how you worked through the process with us and your attention to details.”

Rachel G.

Brookline, MA

“We moved into an old house with beautiful matching original windows that leaked terribly. Climate Seal windows turned out to be the perfect solution: visually you do not notice they are there, but suddenly the cold drafts down my back as I cooked were gone! It was a real pleasure to deal with everyone on the team – no house project has ever been this painless. I was so pleased with the first set of windows in our kitchen I ordered them for the rest of the house and I was as happy the second time as I was the first.”

T. Thompson

Newport, RI

“I love the Climate Seal windows & brag/tell people about them and the improvement in my home heat efficiency every chance I get.

The first month they were installed (January 2009), my energy bill decreased about 40%.

My home was built in 1920, old but not historic but I do live in a historic area. Replacing the old, original windows was estimated at $4000-25,000… neither was satisfactory for me. After reading about the product, & calling the local phone number for more answers… I decided it was the perfect answer!

I ‘pop’ them in for the winter months and store them in my basement for the summer months. They are light weight so I can do it myself. (I will be 70 years old next year) I no longer have winter winds blowing through the curtains!”

Jo S.

Cambridge, MA

“We live in a renovated candy factory with large windows facing a busy street. While the windows provide great light they also let in a lot of noise and cold air in the winter. Replacing the windows was not possible. I researched multiple options, but I knew from my first call with Matt I had found our solution. He took the time to understand our situation and gave me a very thorough, honest and thoughtful recommendation. I appreciated having the installer come out to measure the space, wo we didn’t have to worry about the fit.

The windows are great – very well constructed. We ordered them custom-painted. They match the existing windows, are just like Matt said, you really don’t see them. The noise reduction is significant. The installers were very professional and did a good job.

The entire experience, from ordering the windows to the installation was very positive. I wish every home improvement project went this smoothly!”

Brent & Judy T.

Hendersonville, NC

“I wanted to write and follow up on the installation of the Climate Seal Window Inserts.

First, I want to commend Matt for stepping in and getting things ‘back on track’ in order to get the installation done. He came from Charlotte (2 hours away) and assisted on the day of installation. Between the three of them, they got the job – 14 windows – done in one day. With Matt’s expert help, everything was done perfectly. The job was everything one could ask for. The inserts have more than lived up to expecations.

Might be helpful to know that I am heavily into sound since my hobby consists of designing high performance, multi-channel sound systems, a.k.a. ‘home theaters’. My personal system is a 7.2 design. So, I’ve been using sound level meters for many years in calibrating home theater systems in order to obtain the best sound.

We live right by a highway, which was one of the main reasons we needed the window inserts – to cut down on the road noise. I am happy to report to you that this goal was definitely realized. Road noise is far less intrusive with the inserts in place than before. I did attempt to get some readings on this but, it’s difficult, since the variation in sound levels is go graet, depending on ‘what’ is going by out there. Maybe a scale from 1 to 10 would be better. It WAS about an 8. Now, it’s down to a 4 – which is consistent with the 50% noise reduction figure you quote in your product literature. Pretty much exactly what we got.

But, I do have some specific for you. We have a whole house generator located just outside our home. My reading in the house before the inserts was about 40dB – quite loud. But after the inserts were installed, I got a reading of 32dB – in the exact same location. The sound level has been greatly reduced. Just what we were hoping for.

Thank you for helping us with this installation. And a special thanks to Matt for making it all happen. He really went ‘above and beyond’, and we will always be grateful for his strong sense of dedication to his customers. Thanks for offering such a great product! Just about the best purchase I have ever made for my home.”

Angela N.

Washington, DC

Excellent Product, Excellent Service
“We purchased window inserts from Warm Mornings in January. We live next to a convenience store and have a bus stop right outside our window. Our old, drafty windows let in so much cold air that it was impossible to keep our 750 square foot apartment warm, even with heating bills that ran as much as $300 per month. To make matters worse, our windows not only let in all the cold, drafty winter air but every noise from street. It can be difficult to sleep when one hears every bus that stops outside one’s bedroom window, every cell phone conversation, every car that starts and stops outside …

Our window inserts have completely transformed our home. We no longer hear noises from the street; in fact, we have to strain to hear anything whatsoever outside. The temperature in our home is no longer unpleasant, and the heater no longer runs incessantly. One can find cheaper window inserts elsewhere, but these were definitely worth every penny, not least because Larry personally sees to it that the windows are properly installed.

Larry Patterson is as remarkable as the product he sells. He is a consummate business professional. He is punctual, attentive to detail, and honest. He always kept us posted on the progress of our order, provided all the information we asked for, and even went out of his way to save us money on our shipping costs. Larry is an old-school businessman, and it was a genuine pleasure to work with him. We highly recommend him and the product he sells.”

Robert Warshawsky

Central Ohio

DIY Project

We would like to thank you for supplying Climate Seal Window Inserts. We have been installing these inserts over the past five years in our 90-year old Shaker Heights French Normandy home. Every window is composed of leaded glass as shown in the photograph; the living room window alone has 135 panes of glass. While these old windows are beautiful, they certainly let in lots of drafts and provide minimal insulation.

The Climate Seal Inserts not only provide a barrier against the cold outside air, but they minimize the outside noise. Installation is not difficult and maintenance is very simple. Most importantly, they do not detract from the beauty of the original windows. We will continue to use this product and tell our friends about it.

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