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Noise can have a serious impact on our lives. From robbing us of sleep to making us less productive at work, the effects are far reaching. That’s why it’s important to do what we can to minimize the amount of unwanted noise we’re subjected to. 

We can keep radios at a reasonable volume and observe quiet hours, but there’s little we can do to eliminate the dog barking next door or to stop the flow of noisy traffic. To remove these sounds from our lives, many of us turn to soundproof window inserts.

Since we are unlikely to tackle these types of noise at their sources, we must shore up our exteriors. Windows are a weak spot that allows a lot of noise in, so they are one of the most important elements to tackle.

You could get a new set of windows, but the cost of a whole new set adds up quickly. Plus, if you like your current windows, replacing them may feel like a waste of resources. Let’s look at how soundproof window inserts work and how they can reduce your noise exposure at a fraction of the cost of new windows.

What are Soundproof Window Inserts?

As the name implies, soundproof window inserts are standard and custom cut panes of glass or acrylic that fit into our existing window frames to reduce window noise and increase thermal efficiency. Adding these supplementary panes to our existing windows creates an additional window pane and dead air gap, which are the features that make double glazed windows more efficient than single glazed windows. 

Standard options are designed to fit into the most common window sizes, and custom variations can be made to fit into any size or shape window you currently own. There are some key reasons for choosing window inserts for soundproofing in place of replacing the entire set.

Preserving Vintage Windows

If you have vintage windows, chances are you don’t want to replace your historic panes and solid wood frames with vinyl. Vintage windows help to preserve the look of historic buildings and can be refinished almost endlessly so that we can get another few decades out of them. If you would rather keep your original windows, consider soundproof inserts for windows.

Cost Savings

As mentioned earlier, a new set of windows can be incredibly expensive. Not only that but they are only designed to last a few decades, meaning you’ll be in for another replacement down the road. Maintenance-free usually means they are more or less disposable. Window inserts cost a fraction of what a new set does and can deliver the same thermal and soundproofing benefits you’re after.


No replacement is worth the cost if it doesn’t meet or exceed our expectations. Soundproof window inserts are specifically designed to reduce window noise and increase thermal efficiency, which is on par with the performance we would expect out of a new set. Combining these benefits with the cost savings associated with choosing inserts over a brand new window installation gives home and business owners good reason to consider them. So, how well do they perform?

window inserts for soundproofing

How Effective are Soundproof Window Inserts?

Just like a new set of windows, different soundproof window inserts boast different levels of effectiveness. It all comes down to the construction. Choosing a quality product will deliver superior window sound insulation over the bargain brands.

Our thermal window inserts reduce noise pollution by up to 60% when compared to pre-existing levels, and our acoustic window inserts boast a whopping 80% reduction with an STC rating as high as 49. This puts us on par with or exceeding the performance of new windows. As a bonus, all this comes at a significantly reduced cost and aesthetic impact.

Beyond their ability to reduce window noise, the best soundproof window inserts also make your home more thermally efficient and filter up to 85% of the harmful UV spectrum. Here is how you can expect these benefits to impact your home or office.

Thermal Efficiency

Increasing your home’s thermal efficiency makes it easier for you to keep your interior spaces at comfortable temperatures and helps keep your heating and cooling bills under control. If you live in an area with extremely high temps in the summer or cold temps in the winter, this increased efficiency can allow your new set of soundproof window inserts to pay for themselves within a few years. 

UV Filtering

Another benefit of installing window inserts is the UV protection they provide. Excessive UV exposure can cause your belongings to fade and crack over time. Using window inserts to limit the amount of UV light that enters your home or office will keep your possessions looking great and functioning properly for years to come.

Can I Still Open My Windows?

Many people believe that with window inserts, they will be unable to open their windows to let fresh air in on breezy spring and fall days. As someone who loves every chance I have to let that breeze in, this is a valid concern. Luckily, it’s nothing to worry about. 

Climate Seal Acoustic Series Soundproof Window Inserts are designed to be extremely easy to install and remove, meaning you can pop them in or out whenever you want. That means that whether you want to open your windows to let air in or you need to open them in the case of emergencies, everyone in your family can easily remove them.


Using window inserts to reduce noise is a cost-effective solution to noise pollution in both the home and the office, but you need to choose a quality product to get the most out of them. Some soundproof window inserts work better than others, which is why Climate Seal goes to great lengths to design and develop different types of window soundproofing products. 

If you’d like to learn more about our offerings to help decide which option best meets your needs, reach out for a consultation. We have a range of standard and custom cut products to fit any window, new or vintage, and the expertise to help point you in the right direction.

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