Residential Acoustical Inserts – Columbia, SC

The superior choice for the historic and HOA communities with avirtually invisible look. The client has estimated a 75% sound reduction and a 10°F Thermal Increase.

climate seal residential acoustic series in use on a residential building

Exterior View (with Climate Seal installed on the interior) to illustrate how unnoticeable our system is and why we are the superior choice for the historic and HOA communities. The client has estimated 75% sound reduction and a 10°F Thermal Increase.

technician crafting custom climate seal residential acoustic inserts

Some applications require on-site fabrication. These Acoustic Series units were ¾″ out-of-square and 51″ W × 97″ H.

climate seal acoustic inserts close up

Metal frame close-up. Our black steel angle was installed using an acoustic weatherstrip foam and then caulked with a clear silicone instead of black acoustical caulking to keep a clean look.

Climate seal residental acoustic inserts

Finished, virtually invisible look. The Climate Seal dark brown magnetic frame was chosen to match the black steel casement windows. When looking head on, you are unable to notice anything in place. In fact, we chose this diagonal view to illustrate where the insert was located.

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