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We live in a world that is getting louder and closer together. Neighbors, construction, public transit, and more are all crowded in and around homes, causing a significant amount of noise. The World Health Organization (WHO) termed noise pollution as a ‘modern plague’, which at first may seem a little extreme. Reflecting on our day-to-day lives, though, even if it is noise pollution of our choice (podcasts, music, machinery) there are few moments where we give our ears a break and experience silence. Constant noise has become a reality of how we live and work, but what we ignore is the damage it could be doing to our health. Studies have shown that increased noise levels lead to a spike in stress, and stress directly correlates with a plethora of health issues in the human body. Climate Seal looks at some of the health benefits of noise reduction you could experience by reducing the amount of noise pollution in your home below. 

One of the main health benefits of noise reduction is sound sleep 

One of the worst culprits for noise pollution and how it directly affects health is our bedrooms. From alarm clocks to white noise machines, or even leaving a TV on overnight, there always seems to be no shortage of noise that follows us when we sleep. Constant noise has eroded the way we go to sleep, and how long that we sleep for. Insomnia is a common side effect of a high-noise environment, keeping you up longer and preventing your body from enjoying the deep, restful sleep it needs to recover. You may notice this manifesting in listlessness near bedtime, waking up tired, and waking up multiple times in the night from light sleep. Sleep deprivation has been directly linked to things like obesity, heart disease, and reduced brain function.

While some people claim the interior noise helps them go to bed, most people are united in their dislike of outside noise intruding on their sleep. Loud garbage trucks early in the morning, a car speeding by, or a neighbor seizing the day before the sun rises. Whatever your specific issue, Climate Seal Acoustic Window Inserts are the simple, cost-effective solution to quiet your bedroom and help you move towards healthier sleep. 

Thinking at 100%

Sleep isn’t the only thing affected by loud or constant noise. Brain function has been shown to be significantly impaired when constantly distracted. This means that attention spans are lower, it is harder to focus, memory does not work as smoothly as it should, and often those stuck in loud environments are quick to anger or get irritated easily. Keeping your brain healthy is critical for long-term health, and it is important that your brain continues to produce cells, specifically in the hippocampus region, for emotional balance. This can be especially critical when you are working from home, or trying to complete a difficult task from home, as concentration and focus are key. 

Stress less 

According to the Mayo Clinic, stress can lead to an incredible number of issues in our physical and mental well-being. Headache, muscle tension, chest pain, fatigue, nausea, memory loss/impaired function. Stress can affect more than our immediate mood and surface-level health, though. Appetite loss, heart disease, and obesity can all be attributed to high-stress environments. 

Keeping your home quiet is critical to your health, and making sure that you have the most updated ways to keep outside sound from disturbing you is well worth the investment. At Climate Seal, we have developed window inserts that not only are nearly invisible from the inside, but have incredible soundproofing abilities that allow you to keep the noise where it belongs: outside of your home. 

Work with Climate Seal for quieter homes

If you face issues with noise levels at home or at your business, Climate Seal™ Acoustic Series window inserts provide an easy, elegant, and cost-effective solution. From thermal and acoustic inserts to UV-blocking and preservation-friendly options, there is a Climate Seal™ for any structure. We pride ourselves in lasting quality and have 30 years of market experience and happy customers to back up our product. See how easy it is to upgrade your windows with sound abatement in mind by visiting the Climate Seal™ website.

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