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As we have detailed in this blog before, the power of Climate Seal technology is a game-changer for your home or office. The simple, functional, and effective inserts for your windows will help better insulate your interior climate from the elements, reduce external noise, and preserve your furniture from the damage of UV rays. Furthermore, the acrylic glazing used in Climate Seal inserts is guaranteed to keep its color without yellowing for at least 10 years. The inserts we offer can improve the performance of your existing windows at a fraction of the cost of getting replacements. With this many benefits, you might think that these inserts would require a hefty operation manual, an afternoon filled with drill bits and sweat, and maybe even a window installation professional. However, one of the best features of Climate Seal inserts is how easy they are to install. Keep reading our installation guide to discover how you can revolutionize your window insulation in a matter of seconds.

A Better Product with this Installation Guide

Other window insulation products in the market can be an enormous pain, requiring you to cut strips of plastic wrap and painstakingly blow-dry the film to the outside of the window frame. With Climate Seal inserts, we will custom-build the thermal window inserts to the measurements of your windows – no DIY steps required. Have windows with unique or irregular shapes? We’ve got you covered. Our product offering includes 15 window shapes and 11 different styles, so we can take care of your specialized home situation.

The installation process for your custom inserts really couldn’t be simpler. Climate Seal offers both in-jamb mounts or surface mount options for your windows, and both are easy to install. The in-jamb mount will rest within the window cavity, while the surface mount presses to the outside of an existing window frame. With either option, installation is done by simply pressing the insert into the window cavity, and making sure the seal is secure. That’s it!

The magnetic seal created by the insert is virtually airtight, and the bellows built into the molding of our inserts allow the acrylic to expand in a flat plane without bowing and distorting.

Easy In, Easy Out

What if you’d like to open a window to let the breeze in, or you need to remove the insert to clean around the window? Removal of the insert is just as simple as the installation. Just pop the insert out of its magnetic seal to get to the original window. No screws or tools required. 

This installation and removal process also allows your inserts to be effective for years without replacement or damage. One of the most aggravating aspects of plastic-wrap-like window insulation is that it only lasts one season. Because Climate Seal inserts are custom-made for your existing windows and can be easily installed and removed, you won’t need to reevaluate your window treatment every year.

Climate Seal: Your Window Insert Solution

Climate Seal inserts provide a tailor-made and effective solution to common problems that occur within every home. Our window inserts help alleviate the stress of expensive utility bills, the inconvenience of cold drafts, the disturbance from outside noise, and the damage of UV rays in your home. We build our window inserts to last with quality that speaks for itself. Our 30-year reputation for craftsmanship and customer satisfaction keeps us dedicated to providing the best product and service. Find out more about Climate Seal inserts, and how to get started with yours today, by exploring the rest of our website.

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