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Climate change and eco-friendliness have been at the top of many minds lately. We’ve all seen the imagery of garbage patches floating in our oceans and beaches lined with litter. This human-caused destruction is a tough pill to swallow. We could get down about the situation, but a more proactive approach is to make a shift toward more eco-friendly solutions whenever possible. As business owners, this one is largely on us to make a reality.

Making the shift toward eco-friendly insulated shipping boxes allows us to keep our products viable over long distance transport while doing our part to protect the earth. Today, we’re going to look at what eco-friendly insulated shipping boxes are, their benefits, how to choose the right product for your business, and the importance of choosing sustainable packaging materials. Let’s dive in.

The importance of sustainable packaging

With the rise of the globally integrated enterprise, cold chain shipping has become an absolute necessity for many business operations. Not only do we have to get our products to every corner of the earth, but they must also arrive on time and safe for use. 

For many products, this requires precisely controlled temperatures that must be maintained from the point of manufacture to the point of sale. To keep these temps consistent, cold shipping packaging relies upon refrigerants and insulation inside an outer box. It’s an important part of shipping things like food and medicines across the world, however, these products aren’t always good for the earth. 

Many of the chemicals that go into the manufacture of traditional cold chain packaging products can leach into our soil, oceans, and even drinking water when disposed of improperly. Studies have shown that some of these chemicals can even lead to serious sickness and can cause reproductive harm when ingested. This makes their presence in our water supplies concerning. Reducing our contributions is one of the most effective ways we can limit the presence of these chemicals in our food and water sources.

Since no recycling program is perfect, the most effective way of reducing those contributions is by using eco-friendly products that won’t harm people, plants, or animals throughout their waste management journeys. Eco-friendly shipping packaging can even have a positive effect on a business’ bottom line.

Benefits of using eco-friendly insulated shipping boxes

We all know how important sustainability is on our planet, but there are some benefits that will directly impact your business by going green. Here are a couple of great reasons to embrace the importance of sustainable packaging in your business.

Reducing your carbon footprint

Many companies have adopted a new focus on carbon footprint reduction these days, and for good reason. Contributing too many pollutants to the environment isn’t only bad for the planet, it’s bad for business. 

Some of the biggest polluters on the planet are also the biggest businesses. Many large companies have taken steps to reduce their carbon footprints to help mitigate the effects of climate change, but they also do it to reduce operating costs. 

First, decreasing reliance on fossil fuels and the energy it takes to convert them into shipping products through the use of sustainable options can be a great way to save businesses money. Simpler production processes translate into decreased costs. 

Another way reducing our carbon footprint can positively impact business expenses is to open up the possibility of tax incentives. Depending upon the region in which a business operates, there may be substantial tax incentives for choosing greener options. Going green is also a great way to associate a brand with sustainability.

Associating your brand with sustainability

It seems that sustainability is a major driver for everyone from end consumers to a company’s investors. The more we see alarming effects associated with climate change impacting our daily lives, the more we are driven to choose to do business with companies that care. Shifting toward eco-friendly insulated shipping boxes is a simple way to show that our companies are committed to a cleaner future for generations to come.

biodegradable shipping boxes

What are eco-friendly insulated shipping boxes?

Standard insulated shipping boxes may contain a number of materials that won’t break down any time soon. Even if they do, many will leak toxic chemicals into the ground as they disintegrate. The outer box may be made of recyclable cardboard, but the inside often contains single use plastics, styrofoam, and other products that are not particularly environmentally friendly. 

Eco-friendly insulated shipping boxes help to fix this problem through the use of safer alternatives. They may be made of post-consumer recycled materials, natural fibers that may be reused or repurposed, and even biodegradable or plant-based materials. Let’s look at a couple of the eco-friendly and sustainable options that are out there.

Biodegradable Shipping Boxes: One option in eco-friendly insulated shipping boxes is to go with products that utilize biodegradable insulation. The materials in this type of packaging naturally break down over time, and they will not pollute the environment while doing so. Many biodegradable products are recyclable but pose no danger if disposed of in the trash.

Natural Fiber Insulation: Insulation made from natural fibers is another packaging material that won’t harm the environment. These materials are biodegradable due to the fact that they are made of natural fibers, but another significant benefit comes in the form of repurposing. These materials can be upcycled almost endlessly, making them a wonderful option for decreasing the costs of future shipments.

Recyclable Packaging: The ability to recycle packaging materials in our curbside receptacles is a big driver for consumers these days. We all understand the impact single use items are having on our planet, so knowing we can easily recycle them makes us feel better about our choices. Every part of many eco-friendly insulated shipping boxes can be recycled in your curbside container.

Choosing the right insulated boxes for shipping

When deciding which eco-friendly insulated shipping boxes are right for your organization, there are a handful of considerations that will help you make the right choice. Not all shipments are created equal, so answering a few questions before you begin will help you get the right product for your needs. 

What are you shipping?

The first thing you’ll need to consider is what you’re shipping. Different products will have different needs when it comes to temperature requirements. Some may need to remain frozen, while others must simply be kept refrigerated. In the case of healthcare products, they may even need to be kept well below freezing for the duration of the delivery. Understanding your product and its temperature requirements is the first, and most important step in choosing the right shipping box.

How far is it going?

The more time a product remains in the cold chain, the more likely it is for an improperly packaged product to spoil before it reaches its destination. The difference between a 24-hour transit time and a 72-hour transit time can make a big difference when choosing your refrigerants and insulation.

What type of refrigerants and insulation do you need?

Shipping distance will affect your refrigerant and insulation choices, but so will your product’s temperature requirements. Some refrigerants are designed to keep products cool for shorter durations, while others can keep them extremely cold for 3 days or more. Choosing the right options will ensure your shipments arrive safe and ready to use.

What size boxes do you need?

The specific product you sell will also have an impact on the size of your boxes. You’ll want something that can accommodate the dimensions of your final pack-out, but doesn’t waste space and add to shipping costs. Plan the amount of product you will pack into each box, and leave room for refrigerants and insulation. You’ll also want to leave just enough finger room for easy removal of the product when it reaches its destination.

Environmentally friendly shipping options

Many companies offer a range of different materials in their eco-friendly insulated shipping boxes, so material choice is another decision you’ll need to make. Whether your focus is on recyclable insulated boxes or biodegradable ones, there’s likely an option that suits your preferences. Reach out to Climate Seal to see what options we have that meet your needs and budget. 

Sourcing eco-friendly insulated shipping boxes

Purchasing eco-friendly thermal packaging from a reputable dealer makes a big difference. We’ve got a range of products that will meet most needs, and have the expertise to help you decide which ones are right for your business. If your shipments usually arrive at their destinations the next day, there’s no need to use bulky packaging intended for cross-country shipping. Working with knowledgeable professionals will ensure you make an economical, eco-friendly choice you can feel good about.

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