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Not all homes are alike and neither are all home improvement solutions. Whether you have older storm windows and are looking for a replacement, or are experiencing high energy costs and looking for a remedy, or are wanting to find a cost-effective way to improve your home’s energy efficiency, you want to find the right storm window solution to fit your home. Let’s take a deeper dive into triple track storm windows and learn all there is to know about this home improvement option. 

Storm Window Basics 

Before getting into the design of triple track storm windows, let’s tackle the basics of storm windows in general.

Storm windows are an added window insert that is mounted on either the exterior or interior of your existing window, depending on the system you install. They are not replacement windows but an addition to what you already have.

Storm windows are used for much of what the name suggests. They add protection from weather extremes and severe storms but have other significant benefits, including improved energy efficiency. 

Exterior vs Interior Storm Windows

Overall, exterior storm windows are more expensive and more difficult to install than interior options. Some exterior storm window designs need to be removed during warmer months and re-installed during colder months. Exterior options though can provide more extreme weather protection than interior options.

Interior storm windows are usually a more cost-effective option and easier to install, but can provide sufficient protection and a significant boost in energy efficiency. They are usually installed with either a compression or magnetic system, depending on the manufacturer and can fit a wide variety of home styles. 

Storm Window Materials

Storm windows are made from a range of materials to accommodate the aesthetics and architectural design of your home. Storm window frames are usually made from wood, aluminum, or vinyl. The panes are made from a variety of different types of glass, including:

  • Standard
  • Laminated
  • Low-e coated
  • Plexiglass
  • Tempered
  • Tinted 

Accommodating Different Window Types

Windows come in all kinds of sizes, shapes, and styles. Finding a storm window system that can accommodate the size, shape, and type of windows you have in your home is important for both function and aesthetics. 

The Main Types of Windows

Picture Windows

Designed for maximum outside viewing, but are usually fixed and do not open.

Casement Windows

Designed to swing open, usually with a bottom crank, and allow for maximum ventilation.

Bay Windows

Designed with angled panels that extend beyond the house walls, providing larger peripheral views. The angled side windows usually open for ventilation.

Single-hung Windows

Designed so that only the bottom sash opens vertically, ventilation is limited to the bottom half of the window.

Double-hung Windows

Designed for both the top and bottom sash to open vertically for added flexibility and ventilation.

Awning Windows

Similar design to a casement window but swing open vertically and often hung in high, narrow spaces.

Horizontal Sliding Windows

Designed to slide open horizontally, either to one side or to both sides.

Each of these types of windows require a storm window that will accommodate their design. Triple track storm windows come in both exterior or interior mounted systems and are designed to provide flexibility and functionality for double-hung windows. 

storm windows

Triple Track Vs. Regular Storm Windows 

It is easier to explain triple track storm windows by first explaining double track storm windows, which are designed for single-hung windows. They are fitted with a screen on the bottom half of the window, which is the part that opens on a single-hung window design. This allows for the bottom half to be opened for ventilation.

Triple track storm windows, on the other hand, have a screen that is fitted the full length of the window. This is one of the key features of windows with a triple track system that allows it to accommodate a double-hung window, which can open from both the top and the bottom. Triple track storm windows maintain this versatile functionality of double-hung windows. Therefore, the best places for triple track windows in your home are in draftier areas that have double-hung windows. 

Triple Track Storm Windows: The Benefits 

If you live in a colder climate, or one that experiences severe storms, you may notice that it is more difficult to maintain a consistent indoor temperature in your home. You may also notice that your rooms are colder near the windows, not to mention a large jump in your energy costs during months when the weather reaches more extremes. Installing triple track storm windows for your double-hung windows can help with all of these scenarios, and a few others besides. 

Protection from Damaging Weather

Damaging weather can be costly for a homeowner. Learning how to protect your home against severe weather damage is important. One of the added benefits of storm windows is protecting homes from weather and triple track storm windows are a cost-effective choice, especially if you live in an area prone to severe storms. 

Boosted Energy Efficiency and Lower Energy Bills

Saving energy with triple track windows is one of the many benefits of installing this home improvement option. By saving energy, you are also saving money with triple track windows.

One of the key features of storm windows in general are their ability to cut down on home energy usage by sealing up drafts, improving insulation, and adding a layer of glass to cut down on heat loss through your windows.

Much of this boosted energy efficiency is achieved by improving the windows R-value or R-factor. This is a standard construction and building rating system that shows a window’s thermal resistance. The higher the R-factor of a window, the better it is at resisting heat. This higher thermal resistance correlates with a window being more energy efficient. Adding storm windows improves a window’s R-factor.

By cutting down on your home energy usage, storm windows also cut down on your home energy costs. This can be especially useful in colder climates, where home heating systems need to work extra hard to maintain consistent indoor temperatures, which usually raise your energy bills during those colder months. By improving your home’s energy efficiency, storm windows lower your home energy costs because your heating and cooling systems need to work less for the same results. 

Reduced Noise Levels

The added layer of protection and insulation provided by storm windows that boost energy efficiency also help to prevent outside noise from infiltrating inside your home. Reducing noise with storm windows is one of the added benefits of this home improvement investment. 

Triple Track Storm Windows: Choices, Installation, and Considerations 

Design Choices

Improving the look of storm windows is much easier with a wide range of design choices. Interior storm windows are highly customizable and as mentioned earlier, the different material options available for storm windows helps them accommodate many different architectural styles. 

DIY or Professional Installation

DIY installation of storm windows is possible, especially if opting for interior storm window systems. This is especially true if you:

  • Are comfortable with home improvement projects
  • Closely follow manufacturer’s directions
  • Buy a system that is known for easy installation 

Cost Analysis

The cost and benefits of triple track windows in comparison with other window upgrades makes them a cost-effective option to boost your home’s energy efficiency and add a layer of protection from severe weather. 

Home Resale Value

Another consideration when doing a cost analysis of triple track storm windows is whether or not installation will improve your home’s resale value. Boosting home value with storm windows is possible, especially as energy efficiency and energy costs become more important issues for home buyers. Knowing that a home has features installed that are designed to lower a home’s energy usage can be a positive selling point. 

Care and Maintenance

Maintaining triple track storm windows is important, especially if you want to ensure their durability. Storm windows are built to last, but proper care and maintenance are necessary to get the most out of your investment. It is also important to look at the care and maintenance recommendations before you purchase your storm windows. Different materials require different levels of maintenance. This may influence the type of storm windows you purchase.

Final Thoughts on Triple Track Storm Windows

If you have double-hung windows and are looking to improve your home’s protection from severe weather and boost its energy efficiency, triple track storm windows can be a cost-effective home improvement solution.

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