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For years, the easy to install window inserts from Climate Seal have been helping to insulate thousands of homes, schools, companies, churches, and even embassies around the country. Climate Seal is a comprehensive solution for many window-related issues – from cold drafts to damaging UV penetration – all at a retail price point.

Without the headache of buying and installing new windows, or dealing with messy window treatments, Climate Seal can help create a better environment indoors, which is especially crucial for historical buildings. Keep reading to learn more about how Climate Seal is preserving homes and buildings throughout the nation.

How Does Climate Seal Preserve Historic Buildings?

At Climate Seal, we take pride in our flagship product: an easily installable window insert that can upgrade the condition and insulation of your existing windows. However, our team has developed a solution specifically for older homes and buildings – the Preservation Series. Along with the host of benefits that all Climate Seal inserts afford, the Preservation series is crafted with features that benefit historical structures. These inserts fit magnetically into the steel subframe of the windows, creating a tightly-insulated seal while blending into the natural frame. This unique solution maintains the original character and charm of older windows while boosting their performance.

The key differentiator of the Preservation Series in the Climate Seal line of products is their museum-quality UV filtering capability. Boasting a 98% filtration rate of harmful UV rays, as well as outstanding protection from temperature intrusion, these inserts ensure that the historic interior of the building is properly preserved for years to come. The trim of the inserts can be outfitted with custom paint colors or wood veneers to match the surrounding woodwork – a key feature for maintaining the original appearance of older windows.

Testimonials: Preservation In Action

Over the years, Climate Seal has been fortunate to accrue a huge library of positive reviews of our inserts. For people managing historic buildings or living in historic homes, Climate Seal has provided an easy and affordable option in fulfilling their preservation goals. Check out some examples of the Preservation Series in action:

Portland, Maine – Urban Inn

Preservation Series inserts were used to upgrade the insulation of this historic inn and protect against harsh Maine winters. The general contractor, architect, and client were all very pleased with the finished look and performance of the final product!

Tallahassee, Florida – Florida A&M University

A brick dormitory in Florida with original wooden sash windows needed a complete solution that both modernized the efficiency of the 100-year-old windows and ensured their historical integrity. Climate Seal Preservation Series inserts helped the building to secure a LEED certification while maintaining the original appearance of the historic windows.

Washington, D.C. – Swaziland Embassy

The Embassy of Swaziland, located in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington, DC and constructed in 1894, is a contributing property to the Dupont Circle Historic District. Naturally, project managers wanted to restore the windows while better insulating the still-functioning workplace. Climate Seal Thermal Series panels were installed by independent and certified Climate Seal installers in Maryland, providing the perfect solution.

Brookline, Massachusetts – St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

The intricate, fragile windows of this stunning church were outfitted with the Thermal Series of inserts to help reduce the effect of severe temperate drops on indoor services. The inserts were even customized to fit seamlessly over the gorgeous stained glass designs, improving the conditions indoors without disrupting the artfulness of the original windows.

As you can see, Climate Seal inserts have proven a successful and prudent addition to a wide variety of buildings. No matter the function of the space, Climate Seal has allowed for the preservation of the original window design while providing better insulation.

Preserve Historic Buildings with Climate Seal

Climate Seal strives to provide a unique and universal solution to common climate issues that occur in all types of buildings – especially those with older windows. We love to help our clients create more comfortable indoor environments for their guests, students, and patrons. Our customized window inserts will combat UV ray damage, cold drafts, outside noise and high electricity costs.

At Climate Seal, we build our window inserts to last with quality that speaks for itself. Our 30-year reputation for craftsmanship and a superior product keeps us dedicated to bringing our customers a product that is versatile and effective. Find out more about Climate Seal Preservation Series window inserts and place an order today.

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