effective window insulation

Few things are better in a home than a good window view.

Windows allow us to enjoy the views and sounds of the world around us while keeping us comfortable in our homes and businesses. Drafty windows, however, can feel like you don’t have a window at all. Not only do poorly insulated windows disrupt the comfortable temperature inside, but they also account for more than 25% of heating and cooling energy use, meaning the worse the window, the higher the energy bills. Having energy efficient windows is a great step to improving your monthly bill and feeling more comfortable inside. 

Effective window insulation

Whether it’s keeping the hot air out in the summer or the cold air out in the winter, having effective window insulation will help you stay comfortable in your home and business year round. Thermal window inserts are an effective way to control the temperature in your space and eliminate unwanted drafts. 

Install Inserts and Keep Your Current Windows 

Thermal window inserts are an excellent alternative to replacing all the windows in your building. Not only are they more affordable up front, but they also help you improve your home’s energy efficiency as well. 

The magnetic interior insert can be applied over or within existing windows. This allows for efficient and affordable window upgrades, rather than window replacements. The surface mount thermal insert is placed over the existing window cavity. For a more effective, longer-lasting solution, the in-jamb insert is installed within the existing window cavity. Both of these options are viable for homes and businesses with any number or size of windows and make a dramatic difference in the internal temperature of a space without losing the quality or visual appeal of the window. 

Keep Heat Where It’s Supposed To Be

When an insert is installed, an airtight climate barrier is created. In doing so, external temperatures are kept out, eliminating drafty windows. As opposed to traditional windows and inserts, which are made of aluminum or glass, Climate Seal’s thermal window inserts are made of lightweight vinyl and acrylic glazing. Heat is kept inside during cold months and outside during hot months thanks to the vinyl and acrylic materials. 

Not only are they cheaper to incorporate, but the super insulators keep heat where you want it much more easily than their glass and aluminum counterparts. Finally, thermal window inserts add a layer of protection against harmful UV rays, dust, pollen, condensation and even noise. 

Upgrade Your Windows Today

No home or business is too big or too small for Climate Seal’s thermal window inserts. With customizable sizes to fit any window, our thermal inserts will bring another level of comfort to your building. For extreme temperature swings, the inserts are designed to expand or contract and adjust for unique contours of your window. Climate Seal’s affordable window inserts will also improve your space’s energy efficiency, saving you money in the long run while keeping you comfortable.

Work with Climate Seal’s team of window experts to upgrade the interior insulation of your windows. For more than 30 years we have worked in residential and commercial settings, finding customized solutions for a variety of climates and situations. Contact us today or visit our website to learn more. 

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