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Windows can make or break the architecture and interior design of the home, and there are many different types of windows, so it may be challenging to choose the best fit for you. When you are looking for new home windows, there are tons of replacement types of windows and options to fit any home style or budget. Each window type serves a different purpose, and there are several window styles to choose from. 

You might not know where to start or what is best for you and your home, which is why the guide below will help outline some of the incredible and diverse options Climate Seal carries.

Different kinds of windows

Picture windows are essentially what the name suggests. They provide a view of the outdoors and can be found in very large sizes. This style of windows can be in the form of glass and can be inset with or without metal grids which reduces the risk of breakage. Metal grids do obstruct the view slightly, however. 

Picture windows are types of windows that are normally fixed, which means that they do not open. This means that they will not provide ventilation but can provide the added benefit of energy efficiency. 

Single hung windows are unique in that they open vertically, with the bottom part of the window panel moving up or down and the upper part remaining stationary. When you open the window, the upper sash becomes covered inside since it is stationary. This is the biggest difference between single hung windows and double hung windows. 

Double hung windows are relatively similar to single hung windows when looking at the different types of windows. The difference is that the lower sash and the upper sash of the window can move up and down. Both parts of the window can usually also tilt out for easy maintenance and cleaning. These are the most common replacement windows since they come in a wide range of sizes and materials. 

Seen as a more traditional type of window design, hung windows pre-date the American colonies as the original operable window in home construction. Historic examples of these windows can even be seen in restored 17th century English and Dutch residences.

Horizontal sliders are a type of window that works as a transaction window system for convenience. Horizontal sliders are normally found in government offices, fast food outlets, and other high profile facilities. Horizontal slider windows work just like the name sounds. They slide open and close from side to side.

Bow windows rely heavily on custom curved windows that can develop a circular area along the outer part of the home. This offers you an extended view of your front or backyard. Bow windows can run a little more expensive than a full bay window, depending on the number of window panels you want to use to create the curved bow due to the complexity it takes to install them. Bow windows are also known for the Victorian look that they give to a home with compass windows that use between four to six windows. 

When exploring different types of windows for living rooms or kitchens, bay windows are a really lovely addition for an alluring view of the outside area. Bay windows slightly protrude from an outside wall and establish a smaller shelf inside the home. 

These styles of windows rely on a flat window set into an angled frame that is built on the outside of the home. Bay windows also tend to run more on the expensive side as it is a larger window and requires a skilled installer. 

Other types of windows include casement windows which swing up or to the side to open. The beauty of casement windows is that they provide a less obstructed view overall since they are constructed with one solid piece of glass. They usually come with one casement window pane on the right and one on the left and are a unique style of window.  

As an example, if you want to avoid a push-out style window that would potentially bump into a grilling station outside, a crank out window that is located above a bed, sink, or oven would be a great fit for a casement window. If you are a city dweller that has little space between homes, an inswing casement window would eliminate any obstructions. 

Out of all the house window types, awning windows are great for climates that have a lot of rain since the window creates a sort-of water-resistant awning when it is opened. Awning windows swing open to the outside by pushing outward with a handle or latch, and this makes them pretty weatherproof and easy to clean.

Perfect for ventilation, awnings can also pair well with other venting units with an endless number of options and configurations to let more fresh air in. 

If you want to extend room space, garden windows may be the ones for you out of the different types of windows. Garden windows are basically mini bay windows that are perfect for plants. These windows earned their green name because they act like little greenhouses that slightly protrude from the inside of a home. On the mini shelves, you can keep herbs and plants so that they are visible from the outside while still getting plenty of sunlight into your home.

Garden windows can be installed in living rooms and kitchens with additional side panels to provide ventilation for the plants when opened. 

Radius windows are special in the fact that the bottom half of the window is a rectangle while the top is a half-circle or arch. The softness of the arch shaped windows juxtaposes with the straight corners of the rectangular windows, which creates a very cool contrasting effect in terms of interior design and architecture. These types of windows are also great for letting fresh air in or to fix them so that they only let in light. 

When thinking about house window types, skylight windows tend to be forgotten but are beautiful for natural light. If you want to add more natural light to your home, a skylight window is the way to go. These windows are basically a window for your roof and work great if you have limited options for exterior walls. 

These windows are installed similarly to a roof vent and can be fixed or movable to allow ventilation in. Homeowners can also have an option to install electric skylight windows that open and close with the push of a button instead of performing a manual operation. These windows can also be used as emergency escape routes for safety.

Other styles of windows can include circles, ovals, trapezoids, and other custom shapes that can be crafted to flow with your home’s design style and decor. Most windows that are constructed in the non-rectangular form are usually fixed, but some may be engineered to work as operable windows depending on the geometry. 

You can also add different colors, tints, crafted glass, and patterns to enhance the aesthetic that you are looking for. 

Different materials play a role

The types of material used can also make a big difference in the aesthetic of your windows. Types of windows can be changed based on the exterior and interior finishes. You can have a large range of wood, stains, and paints that can match your room perfectly throughout your home.

You can also have a completely different palette for the exterior that can match the architectural style of the neighborhood or the rest of your home.

Windows make or break a space

Windows can truly make or break your home. There are so many different types of windows to choose from it might feel overwhelming at first, but knowing that there are experts out there that can help you find the perfect fit is a comforting thought. Different styles, finishes, and materials of windows will make your home perfect. 

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