Thermal Window Inserts

Keep Heat Where It Belongs With Climate Seal

Nobody likes waking up in the morning freezing or having to walk around the house in two sweatshirts just to feel warm. Winter is a time where your house should feel cozy and warm. One of the easiest places to insulate in your home for better heat retention is your windows. They are big, close to the outside, and often aren’t as updated as they should be. There are a few solutions to your insulation problem, like buying new windows or utilizing different products to increase your current window’s R-value. New windows are an expensive solution, and the current market for similar products is filled with eyesores and wasteful products. Climate Seal has designed a sustainable, sturdy, and affordable solution to this problem. Check out how Climate Seal thermal window inserts can help you insulate your home below. 

Functional Thermal Window Inserts

Climate Seal knows that the most important function of insulation is that it works. Climate Seal is designed to be effective without being obtrusive. The thermal insert works for both surface mourning over an existing window cavity or in-jamb mounting within the window cavity. This mounting technique allows for the Climate Seal thermal window insert to create a complete and solid seal that flexes with varying temperatures and any fluctuations within the window materials. This creates a “dead zone” of air between the window’s surface and the enforced acrylic glazing that is 17 times as impact resistant as glass of the window insert. This dead zone increases the R-value of the window, over 100 percent in the case of single-pane, and increases the insulation of your home. This dead zone also prevents drafts and allows your home to be more efficient, saving you money on heating. 

Easy To Install

Most insulation solutions for windows involve measuring out plastic wrap and then carefully blow-drying the thin film to the outside of the window frame. With Climate Seal, we build the thermal window inserts custom to your windows, so there is no measuring required. Climate Seal has either in-jamb installation or surface mount options for your windows. Additionally,  these window inserts are easy to install. Simply press them into the window cavity and make sure the seal is secure. Climate Seal thermal window inserts also have flexible bellows, allowing the installation of contoured moldings. The simplest solutions are often the most effective. We believe it shouldn’t take you all day to ensure your home is properly insulated this winter. 

A Solution For Today And Tomorrow 

One of the most challenging things about plastic-wrap like window insulation is that they are only good for one season. Each you must reapply this insulation, costing resources, time, and creating waste. Climate Seal Thermal Inserts are built to install and remove easily. Plus the lightweight acrylic glazing is much more impact resistant than glass of the same thickness. These window inserts are guaranteed to keep clear and not yellow for 10 years. Plus the durable magnetic vinyl extrusion is a better insulator than aluminum, prevents condensation, and will not deteriorate from UV rays. Climate Seal thermal window inserts also have “bellows” built into their frame. This allows the acrylic pane to bend and bow, without causing damage or a break in the seal. 

Work With Climate Seal 

Climate Seal strives to provide a unique and universal solution to common problems that occur within every home. Our window inserts combat high gas and electric prices, cold homes, discomfort from outside noise, and UV ray damage inside your home. We build our window inserts to last, making sure that our quality does the talking for us. Our 30-year reputation for quality craftsmanship and a superior product keeps us dedicated to bringing our customers a product that is versatile and effective. Find out more about Climate Seal thermal window inserts, and how to buy yours today, by exploring the rest of our website.

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