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Acoustic Series Window Inserts by Climate Seal™

The Acoustic Series window inserts from Climate Seal™ are designed specifically to reduce the transmittal of excess sound through windows across all frequency levels. Based on the original Climate Seal Thermal Series window inserts, the Acoustic Series design retains the thermal properties of the original series while further reducing sound transmittal. With an STC rating of up to 49 and up to 80% sound reduction, the Acoustic Series sound blocking window inserts will vastly improve the quality of your space.

Climate Seal window inserts use a technology more commonly known as an “interior storm window” which is a magnetically applied insulating retrofit system designed to keep warm air inside and cold air outside. The Acoustic Series window inserts perform the same function as our original Climate Seal Thermal Series window inserts, but they are also an ideal solution for sound abatement due to their exceptional performance capabilities as well as their discreet appearance. 

Impressive Ratings and Incomparable Performance

The window inserts are 3/4″ wide x 1″ deep and can receive up to 5/16″ acrylic for maximum performance, durability and strength. The high performance “closed cell” acoustical weather strip foam further dampens sound vibrations between the primary window frame and the Climate Seal attachment system. Furthermore, the Acoustic Series window inserts are only half the weight of their glass competitors, allowing for a smoother and safer installation and removal process.

An impressive feature of Climate Seal window inserts is their rating on the STC chart. STC, or Sound Transmission Class, is a rating that represents how well a building partition attenuates airborne sound. A higher STC rating indicates that a greater amount of sound is blocked, so when it comes to windows, a higher reduction of sound is the goal. A triple casement window with an Acoustic Climate Seal Insert rates a 44 on the STC scale, while a storefront window with the same insert achieves an impressive STC rating of 51. 

Ideal for Homes, Businesses, and More

The Climate Seal window inserts are ideal for residential, commercial, and historical properties. Regardless of where you live or work, the Acoustic Series sound blocking window insert is sure to decrease outside sound levels and increase your level of serenity. Do you live on a busy city street or near an airport? If so, the Climate Seal™ window inserts are for you! Regardless of application, the Acoustic Series will never require a bulky secondary window layer, which tends to reduce the overall aesthetic of a room. Climate Seal™ designed the Acoustic Series window inserts with style and class in mind so that you can maintain an attractive and inviting space while reducing noise.

Easy Installation and Removal

With simple, straightforward installation, the Acoustic Series window inserts can also be easily removed for cleaning. Especially if you install the acoustic window inserts in an office building, where there may be maintenance or cleaning services that require temporary removal of the inserts. In fact, the Acoustic Series window insert can be removed in a matter of seconds and reapplied just as quickly. This means that you’ll never have to listen to excess noise for more than a few seconds!

Trusted Brand, Proven Performance

If you face issues with outside noise levels at home or at your business, Climate Seal Acoustic Series window inserts provide an easy, elegant, and cost-effective solution. From thermal and acoustic inserts to UV-blocking and preservation-friendly options, there is a Climate Seal application for any situation. We pride ourselves on lasting quality and have more than 30 years of market experience and happy customers to back up our product. See how easy it is to upgrade your windows with sound abatement in mind by visiting the Climate Seal website.

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