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Preparing Your Home for a New Baby

Your home is undoubtedly the most important building you come into contact with. It is where you work, live, and create memories that you will hold for the rest of your life. The safety and comfort of your home, therefore, is of the highest importance to you and your family.

When a new baby comes along, that truth is ever more apparent. A fragile young life deserves only the cleanest and most ideal living space; if you are expecting such an addition to your family, you have probably begun to reevaluate your home environment.

Before your new baby comes along, there are some simple steps you can take to improve the conditions of your home – with help from the friendly professionals at Climate Seal. Here are some key methods that proper insulation can upgrade and enhance your living space in a matter of minutes.

Why Your Windows Matter

You may not realize that your windows are generally the most prominent entry point of unwanted environmental factors in your home.

In the summer, poorly-insulated windows can let hot air and humidity seep into your home, reducing the effectiveness of your air conditioning system and costing you real dollars. Conversely, in the winter, icy air leaking through the window frame can make for an uncomfortable environment.

Temperature and humidity are not your only problems – the wrong windows also allow harmful UV rays to penetrate into your home, posing risk to youngsters especially. UV damage is also proven to shorten the life of furniture and upholstery.

The list continues: dust and pollen cause millions of people allergic issues, particularly in the spring and fall seasons. If your windows aren’t effectively keeping these contaminants out, your family will feel no relief from allergy symptoms while indoors.

Lastly, if you live in an urban area or have nearby neighbors, noise can become an issue. Especially for babies, a quiet and steady environment is key to establishing and maintaining a healthy and sustainable sleep schedule.

Thankfully, there is a common solution that can address this myriad of issues infiltrating your home and diminishing the quality of the space for your incoming young one – the technology of Climate Seal inserts.

Climate Seal: A Complete Solution

At Climate Seal, we take pride in our flagship product: an easily installable window insert that can upgrade the condition and insulation of your existing windows. Our custom-manufactured inserts fit within or over the window cavity and are virtually invisible once installed.

Without the headache of buying and installing new windows, or dealing with messy window treatments, Climate Seal can help create a better environment for your child by fitting seamlessly into the frames of your current windows. Installation is so simple, you can do it yourself in just a few seconds.

Available in a vast array of size, colors, and window shapes, Climate Seal inserts are customizable to the precise measurements of your windows. Designed to be effective without being overbearing, these thermal inserts work to boost the R-value of the window by over 100 percent in the case of single-pane, drastically improving the insulation of your home.

One of the best aspects of Climate Seal inserts is their durability and longevity; while some add-on window treatments last a single season, Climate Seal inserts are guaranteed to keep clear and refrain from yellowing for at least 10 years. They will also keep your interior safe with an impact test rating 17x higher than standard glass.

We also offer several specialized inserts for particular purposes: for sound treatment, the Acoustic Series inserts offer an easy and affordable way to mitigate noise pollution into your home. Drafty windows could also benefit from the Thermal Series inserts, which are specially designed to keep your interior cozy and comfortable.

Upgrade Your Insulation with Climate Seal

Your family comes first. Climate Seal strives to provide a unique and universal solution to common problems that occur within every home, helping to create a safer and more comfortable living space for you and your family. Our window inserts combat high gas and electric prices, cold drafts, disturbance from outside noise, and UV ray damage inside your home. We build our window inserts to last with quality that speaks for itself. Our 30-year reputation for craftsmanship and a superior product keeps us dedicated to bringing our customers a product that is versatile and effective. Find out more about Climate Seal thermal window inserts, and how to buy yours today, by exploring the rest of our website: https://www.climateseal.com/.

For more insights on how to enhance your living space, check out the Climate Seal blog here.

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