A window outfitted with Climate Seal storm window products during a storm.

Everything you need to know about storm window replacement

We have all been spending a little more time at home over the past couple months, and many of us are quickly learning about the shortcomings in our houses’ windows. Some may be too drafty, while others let in too much sound. Some are getting old, and others may have been cheaply and hastily assembled. Even if you already have storm windows, they may be old and failing, and they may not let the same amount of sunshine into your home anymore. Storm window replacement doesn’t have to be tricky. Climate Seal offers inserts that are specially designed for whatever ails you most.

All of the Climate Seal storm window inserts share multiple characteristics and provide functional storm windows at a fraction of the cost associated with full window replacement. They can all be easily removed for cleaning, and they very minimally impact the look of your windows.  This just might mean that your days of inefficient, sagging plastic wrap obscuring your views are over.

 Storm window replacement – thermal Series

As you may have guessed, the Thermal Series is designed to insulate your home from the harsh elements of summer and winter. A drafty window can make your winter dreadful and is definitely a problem worth solving. This series is made of vinyl and acrylic, which doesn’t conduct to pass heat or cold the way traditional window materials (like glass and aluminum) would. You can mount the inserts inside of the window jamb, or you can surface mount it to the outside of the window frame. The magnetic seal and bellows design will remain airtight. Either way, by implementing The Climate Seal Thermal Series, you create a dead air space that gives you a buffer between the outside air and the air inside your home.

The Climate Seal Acoustic Series

Sometimes, drafts are only half the problem. If you live in a densely populated area, are near a freeway, or are in a flight path, you may want your windows to pull double duty and keep the noise out as well. The Acoustic Series might be what you’re looking for in those cases. While they offer the same great thermal insulation properties as the Thermal Series, the Acoustic Series offers up to an 80% noise reduction, where the Thermal Series only offers a 60% maximum reduction. The thicker the airspace in the insert, the greater the noise reduction. Just determine how noisy your neighborhood is, and the right insert will reveal itself. Reducing the noise in your home reduces the noise in your head, and keeping it to a minimum will do wonders for your mental health. 

The Climate Seal Preservation Series

The Preservation Series is directly geared toward the historical community. This is a great option when you want to minimize the visual impact of your storm windows. Exterior storm windows can significantly impact the aesthetic of these architectural gems, which is why so many federal historical agencies have approved the use of Climate Seal products. Since they are mounted inside the structure, and available in a number of different veneers and finishes, nothing is taken away from the beauty of the building. Another benefit of the Preservation Series is that the museum quality UV filtering acrylic boasts a 98% filtration of the harmful UV rays that the sun bombards us with daily, as opposed to the 85% filtration provided by our other products. This adds a much-needed layer of protection for important items that may be damaged or faded by the sun’s rays.

The Climate Seal Pro Series 

When only the best will do, you look to the Pro Series. The Climate Seal Pro Series offers the best aspects of all the others in one package. It’s the top choice for creating an efficient home. Not only does it offer top notch thermal, noise, and UV transmission reduction, but the crystal clear glazing used during construction allows unlimited transmission of the most important thing of all, light! Aside from providing an abundant supply of emergency escapes, crystal clear views and unfettered access to light are the entire point of windows. This glazing not only keeps your views clean, but they are the most durable panes we offer. When you want a solution that will stand the test of time, the Pro Series is where you want to look. We know the upgrade will be worth every penny spent.

Not all windows need to be replaced. Some just need a little TLC and strategic finesse. Storm window inserts may be just the ticket you’re looking for, whether you have historical windows or just want to make your current windows a little more efficient without replacing them all. Climate seal is the storm window expert. For almost three decades, Climate Seal™ has built a reputation for being the most effective and versatile storm window system available. When you’re ready to get serious about fixing your failing windows, we’d love to show you why we’re the go-to solution.

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