Cup of coffee and laptop in a sunroom equipped with windows outfitted with Climate Seal thermal window inserts overlooks a lake at the base of a mountain range.

Sun Rooms – Let the Sun Shine In

If you’re thinking of adding a sun room to your home, you probably already know that it can be a terrific idea on many fronts. Sun rooms allow you to bask in glorious sunlight without the need for stinky bug spray and excessive sweating. Not only does it extend an indoor space into the outdoors, but it also introduces ample daylight into other parts of your home. Another great benefit that comes along with a sun room is the mood boost you’ll get by having regular access to the sunshine…

As with all things, sun rooms aren’t all peaches and cream. Although an amazingly decorative addition to your home, a glass sun room can leak a lot of thermal energy and noise. If you live in a noisy area, you may be introducing unwanted neighborhood sounds into your home. With any luck, your neighbors aren’t screamers. Leaking walls can also make your heating bill go through the roof if you’re not careful. It’ll take a bit of planning to keep your energy costs at bay, but it’s very possible to successfully tackle this issue yourself.

sun room insulation

Sun Room Insulation

Since your walls will consist of so much glass, insulating a sun room is different from insulating the other rooms in your house. You can’t simply roll out bats of fiberglass or spray foam insulation on your beautiful new wall of windows. You’ll want something that is both crystal clear, as well as easy to remove and clean, since all that new sunshine you’ve acquired will shine a spotlight on dust, spots and streaks.

Your best bet when dealing with windows is thermal and acoustic window inserts. Whether you’re installing a new sun room or dealing with a sun room extension that is decades old, window inserts are an affordable and painless solution to whatever problems you’re dealing with. Deciding on the best solution for your project comes down to defining your needs.

Dealing with Heat Loss

If you live a few miles out in the country, chances are you live in a pretty quiet neighborhood. Maybe you deal with the occasional passing train or noon siren, but noise probably isn’t your main gripe. For people living on quiet land, heat loss is generally the number one concern.

The Climate Seal™ Thermal Series Window Inserts are designed to handle this specific issue. While they do offer noise reduction and impact protection, most of the technology built into these inserts are geared toward preventing thermal transmission. They are constructed of vinyl and acrylic, which are superior insulating materials. These materials are great at blocking heat transmission, as opposed to glass and aluminum, which tend to conduct and lose heat easily.

glass room insulation

Dealing with Noise

If you live in the city, on a noisy street, or next to a school or playground, you may deal with more noise than your friends who live in the country. Maybe the sounds of the neighborhood help you feel connected to your community, but they can be distracting when all you want is a low key night with a blanket and a movie. Luckily for you, we have inserts to deal with that as well.

When you want to add a little more noise control to your thermal window inserts, the Climate Seal™ Acoustic Series window inserts may be what you are looking for. These inserts were born from the Thermal Series, but offer 33% more noise reduction than the Thermal Series, meaning you can still hear the dialog in your favorite movies, even with the sound turned low enough that the kids can sleep.

Dealing with Everything

Some of us are blessed with it all. We make our homes in densely populated spaces in extreme climates. If you spend a season or two battling freezing temps or blistering heat, you may want to go with a top notch solution. 

When you want to pull your sun room away from the outside world and fully control your little world, the Climate Seal™ Pro Series window inserts will make your dreams come true. These inserts are the cream of the crop. They offer the most advanced thermal insulation and noise control on the market. The thing that makes them so effective is the crystal clear glazing used during construction. This unique material also provides superior UV protection and optical clarity, so even though it offers unfettered access to sunlight, the harmful UV rays won’t damage the furnishings you’ve spent your life collecting.

A sun room can very easily become your favorite room in the house, so put a little time and attention into making it the best it possibly can be. Protect your investment with Climate Seal™ window inserts to keep them looking great and holding heat. Your family and friends will appreciate the attention to detail.


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