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Strip malls, suburban subdivisions, and prefabricated construction projects have been appearing around the United States with increasing frequency for a few decades now.
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If you’re thinking of adding a sun room to your home, you probably already know that it can be a terrific idea on many fronts. Sun rooms allow you to bask in glorious sunlight without the need for stinky bug spray and excessive sweating.
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We have all been spending a little more time at home over the past couple months, and many of us are quickly learning about the shortcomings in our houses’ windows. Some may be too drafty, while others let in too much sound. Some are getting old, and others may have been cheaply and hastily assembled.
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Even a picture-perfect home can be susceptible to unwanted noise. The average street can host a barrage of activities that convey a din of noise into your home. Traffic noise, barking dogs, and lawnmowers can form an irritating and distracting suburban cacophony.
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A Guide for Surviving Minnesota Winters Winter in Minnesota is great! Building snowmen and snow forts, having snowball fights, cross-country […]
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Why the proper door insulation plays such a major role when winter is finally here?
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