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If you own a historic or simply older home, you are constantly in pursuit of preservation. The more seasoned a building gets, the more charm it may take on. However, simultaneously, years of wear can degrade the structure and performance of certain materials. Windows, for example, age with time. As the wood frames begin to weather, they can become less effective at insulating an older home by letting in cold drafts. This inconvenience not only makes your home more uncomfortable, but runs up your heating costs in the winter.

Thankfully, there is a way in insulating an older home – and your cherished possessions inside it – that is as simple and elegant as your home itself. The insulation professionals at Climate Seal explain how.

Why You Shouldn’t Replace Your Old Windows 

When older windows begin to become less effective, the natural inclination may be to replace them altogether. However, this could have unintended negative consequences.

For one, the cost can be extremely prohibitive. The average window replacement costs $200-$500 per window – and just for the window. When you include labor costs, which can be an equal or greater amount, your bill could stack up to thousands of dollars to outfit your entire home. To do this will also require the presence of an installation crew for several days, which will monopolize your space and inconveniently crowd your home.

What’s more, installing brand new windows could detract from the character of your older home. Finding windows that blend with the more rustic aesthetic will be difficult.

There is a better way. Instead of ripping out your existing windows, opt for custom window inserts from Climate Seal. These easily installable inserts will upgrade the condition and insulation of your existing windows without dealing with messy film treatments or the sting of a huge investment. Every insert can be custom-manufactured to fit within or over the window cavity of your older windows in a virtually invisible manner.

The Preservation Series: A Tailored Solution in Insulating an Older Home

The team at Climate Seal has developed a solution specifically for older homes and buildings – the Preservation Series. Along with the host of benefits that all Climate Seal inserts afford, the Preservation series is crafted intentionally for historical structures. These inserts fit magnetically into the steel subframe of your windows, creating a tightly insulated seal while blending into the natural frame.

The key differentiator of the Preservation Series is the museum-quality UV filtering component of the inserts. Boasting a 98% filtration rate of incoming harmful UV rays, as well as outstanding protection from heat and cold intrusion, these inserts will ensure that the interior of your home is preserved from the elements for years. The trim of the inserts can be outfitted with custom paint colors or wood veneers to match the surrounding woodwork.

And as far as the exterior – it will be completely unaffected, maintaining the character of its age without disruption. Check out this testimonial of how the Preservation Series inserts helped upgrade a historic inn in Maine by protecting the interior from cold winters.

Ease of Use and Installation

One of the hallmarks of all Climate Seal products is the simple and easy installation process. Climate Seal offers both in-jamb and surface mounts; the in-jamb mount will rest within the window cavity, while the surface mount presses to the outside of an existing window frame. With either option, installation is done by simply pressing the insert into the window cavity, and making sure the seal is secure. Your windows will be fully treated in a matter of seconds.

The magnetic seal created by the insert is virtually airtight, and the bellows built into the molding of the inserts allow the acrylic to expand in a flat plane without bowing and distorting.

Removal of Preservation inserts is just as quick as the installation. Just pop the insert out of its magnetic seal to clean it or to open the original window – no tools required.

The ease of this process allows Climate Seal inserts to be effective for years, ensuring your home is preserved without having to reevaluate your window treatment every year.

Preserve Your Historic Home with Climate Seal

Climate Seal strives to provide a unique and universal solution to common climate issues that occur within all types of homes – especially those with older windows. We love to help our clients create a more comfortable living space for their families. The customized window inserts will combat UV ray damage, as well as high electric costs, cold drafts, and outside noise. At Climate Seal, we build our window inserts to last with quality that speaks for itself. Our 30-year reputation for craftsmanship and a superior product keeps us dedicated to bringing our customers a product that is versatile and effective. Find out more about Climate Seal preservation window inserts and place an order today.

For more insights on how to enhance your living space and in insulating an older home, check out our blog.

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